Atlantic Beach Commission approves ‘puppy mill’ ordinance!

Great breaking news! Puppies and kittens will not be able to be sold in Atlantic Beach!

From the Atlantic Beach Website:

The City of Atlantic approved an ordinance Monday night banning the sale of puppies and kittens that come from large-scale commercial breeders. The law limits pet stores to selling animals from shelters, humane societies and rescue groups, with the goal of getting rid of puppy mills that churn out sick animals.

Here is the ordinance.


4 thoughts on “Atlantic Beach Commission approves ‘puppy mill’ ordinance!

  1. Interesting article. Jacksonville is new for us. My wife and I moved here to manage a hood cleaning company in Jacksonville. I’m thrilled to see the move to slow this barbaric business (puppy mills and retail sales of puppies). I am a huge fan of dogs and have a miniature Aussie that I adore. I got him as a re-home after someone had bought him from a breeder and realized how much goes into raising an active, intelligent dog.

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