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  • Lucy

    It’s hard to decide which aspect of Jade Paws to review first as they are amazing at both pet sitting and canine massage. My dog absolutely loves Jade Paws and is over the moon excited to see Dory whenever she comes over. My dog has had massages from Jade Paws and also pet sat while I was away. He loves the massage and melts right into Dory’s hands! The massage is enjoyable to the owner too with the aromatherapy provided by Jade Paws during the massage. I’m a nervous dog mom while I am out of town, but always feel completely comfortable leaving him in Dory’s care and know that he’s probably more loved on and better taken care of than I even do myself (if that’s possible!)! I also love the updated and pictures Jade Paws always shares to set my mind at ease. Highly recommend!!!!

  • My dogs always love a visit from “their Dory”! She has captivated their hearts with her healing presence for sure. We’ve had Dory come for massage and reiki and it is absolutely AMAZING the difference it makes for anxiety, pain, and general well being. Like magic! My dogs all gather around when it’s time for their reiki session, they seem so thankful. Highly recommend!

  • Lierin

    We have been with Jade Paws for three years now for pet sitting and reiki. We would also utilize the canine massage services but we have a Shiba Inu who does not take to physical touch. Regardless, Jade Paws has changed our lives! We would be lost without the trust and confidence we have in Doryan. She is the most reliable pet walker and pet sitter and we vetted many dog sitters/ and dog sitting services along with Jade Paws. All other services did not even compare to the professionalism and general pet care that Doryan is able to provide. We have never been able to take longer trips until we found Jade Paws and we can travel without having to worry about our Shiba since we know he is in the best care available. Literally… Doryan is a gift!

    We maintain a monthly (or bi-monthly) reiki schedule. Our Shiba suffers from general joint pain due to injuries incurred as a puppy and he has also has some aggressive inclinations towards other dogs. Since reiki, his pain levels have decreased and it manages his aggression. Doryan is able to connect with our Shiba through reiki to heal him of any ailment (physical or emotional) and it’s been the best treatment and general treat we could provide him as his parents. Doryan is also able to advise us to help our Shiba.

    When Doryan has been booked in the past for pet sitting, we have flown in our own family members to watch our Shiba due to our high standards and the general higher maintenance of our Shiba since we have never been able to find any other pet sitter/service replacement for Jade Paws. Doryan is simply the best and has been a blessing to our lives!

  • Lori

    I don’t know what I would do without Jade Paws! Dory truly has the kindest soul, and is so loving to my animal family. Dory conducted Reiki sessions with my sweet girl, Bella, and I personally witnessed an incredible transformation. Bella was a senior with cancer, discomfort, and constant anxiety. When Dory performed reiki on her she was calm and her breathing normalized. Afterwards she was energetic, youthful, and appreared to be in less pain. At the time of Bella’s passing, Dory helped me take care of her rambunctious brother., who she still sits for years later. I travel frequently and know that I can trust Dory to take care of my family while I am gone. Wouldn’t recommend anyone else!

  • Deb S.

    Doryan has been caring for my two boys for three years. I use her services for dog walking, pet sitting, Reiki, and massage. I cannot begin to describe the transformation that has taken place, especially with my German Shepherd/Border Collie mix through the massage and Reiki sessions. A once anxiety-ridden, always “ON” pup, was finally able to relax and find comfort in Dory’s skilled hands. He now jumps on her table and is a willing participant in his sessions. All I have to say is “Dory is on her way” and they both wait at the bay window waiting for her to arrive. I take comfort in knowing Dory is going to care for my boys as if they were her own. You won’t find anyone better!!

  • Kate Godfrey

    Doryan is fantastic! I was completely at ease knowing she would look in on my dogs while I was away. She is very dog savvy and I had no safety concerns while my guys were in her care (as a force-free dog trainer having someone dog savvy is an absolute must!). My dogs liked her immediately and the photos she sent showed big dog smiles. I highly recommend Doryan for anything in the realm of healing work and pet care!

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