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  • Amy Olivieri Amy Olivieri Post author

    I would like to give a shout out to Kate, who is helping us train our Blue. She is very professional and thorough, clear in what needs to be done and exceptionally knowledgeable. Blue responded to her methods immediately. We are thoroughly impressed with her compassion and care … more importantly her respect for Blue. She doesn’t use any methods that demean, embarrass, or hurt him. He learned so much in just one session! We highly recommend Kate!

  • Amy Stevens

    I called Kate to of desperation with my Yorkie, Abby who was having constant accidents. I was at my wits end and Kate was so patient and kind with both me and my little dog. Kate helped me identify health issues as well as every anxiety issues that were contributing to her behavior. What I thought was just naughty behavior was actually fear and anxiety due to some traumatic events in her past and my getting angry wasn’t only making it worse! Kate was always so positive and optimistic that we could change Abby’s behavior and she was right! Abby is rarely having accidents now due to training and medication. She also comes when called now rather that running to hide and she’s so much more social overall. I highly recommend Kate and her gentle, positive reinforcement methods to help with anything your pet needs!

  • Dana

    I highly recommended Comprehensive Canine. I researched trainers online when I got my cock-a-poo puppy and found Kate of Comprehensive Canine on the Dog Trainers Guild’s website. Her website was easy to read and did not force me to go a social media site to learn more. From reading her site, I learned she was a force free trainer. My puppy is timid, and I did not want to scare her or harm her to train her.
    Katie was a wealth of information even before our first training session. She emailed me wonderful information on puppy potty training, socializing, and behaviors. When she came to my home for the first visit, she was professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable. I knew she was the right choice for me and my puppy. Training sessions were in my home, which I thought the best place for my puppy to learn. I live in a high rise downtown, which is a different environment for having a dog. Sessions were a fun and happy experience for my puppy. She gave us homework and explained everything thoroughly.
    Katie was always available for us. When my puppy was 4 months old, she was attacked by a large dog requiring an emergency vet visit on Christmas day. Katie was there for me and helped me and my puppy relearn confidence and trust with other dogs. I can’t thank her enough her helping us through that situation. The physical and emotional wounds healed and my puppy, who is now 6 months old is able to socialize with the other dogs (large and small) in my building.
    Kate thought me the skills to help train my puppy to be a happy and well-behaved dog. The training process is always on going, for a teething puppy especially.
    Thank you Kate

  • Gerri Sullivan

    Kate worked wonders with Beau, who was a rescue dog with little discipline. In just a few short lessons she “trained” me on how and when to respond to Beau. He was very trainable and listens to the commands that Kate taught us. I would highly recommend her and her training method to any pet parent out there!

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