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  • Jami

    Whitney is the best with my Jessie. We had problems walking him because he was reacting to every animal he saw on the street. Not only did she work with him but she taught me how to work with him. Now we walk every day and I know how to handle just about any obstacles. We also had problems whit him charging at the tv and counter surfing. Whitney gave us the tools to combat those issues as well.

  • Brandy Palmer

    Sit Play Stay is an A++ company. Their trainer/owner Whitney is knowledgeable, courteous and super helpful . In fact, all of their trainers are superb. I have used them to help train all 3 of my dogs and the results were amazing. They are patient with both me and my dogs and I felt completely at ease in asking questions. I have recommended them to friends who all have had the same great experiences as me. Highly recommend!!

  • Dianne Scarboro

    Whitney/Sit Play Stay got me through the “terrible two’s” with Cooper! Adding him in as a third dog wasn’t easy with an established pecking order, but through her training and frequent follow-up visits, we were able to successfully add him to our family. Walks are more enjoyable as all three Boyz have learned that when another pup approaches, they are to be good canine citizens and not bark or snarl. They are distracted and rewarded for being neighborly. Just one of the many techniques we have learned and use on a daily basis. THANK YOU Whitney!

  • Carolyn Edwards

    We have not used Whitney ourselves, but have referred several friends to her and have received wonderful responses back about her training. She is always willing to help a shelter dog who is struggling or a new adopter of a shelter dog in need of training. Thank you Whitney!

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