{ Current } Issue 20 : CAMPFIRE

Celebrating 20 issues!

Toot toot (that’s us, celebrating)! Issue number 20 kind of snuck up on us, there—oh, you, too? Yes!We were all … What? 20?! Already? That’s a pretty exciting milestone. That’s about when we decided we should light a campfire! Our absolute favorite thing about creating Unleash Jacksonville the past four years has been helping connect our community. We thought it might be nice, as the weather is cooling down (is it?), to gather some friends + fans to share something of themselves that would help us all get to know them better. Many thanks to those who took the time to contribute! Hopefully these personal stories will make you think of your own first dog, or make you smile from another memory. Maybe they’ll inspire you to volunteer or foster or adopt. Perhaps you’ll discover a new place to camp or hike with your dog, or find the courage to do it for the first time. Or, maybe these stories will just entertain you for a few minutes. We’ll take any of it! Gather now, friends—let’s listen to some stories, eh?

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