Devotion to love, devotion to voice, and devotion to community.

We’re devoted to dogs.
Dogs = love.

Dogs are love covered in fur, which subsequently gets transferred to our furniture, clothing, sometimes into our food, but definitely into our hearts. Dogs aren’t able to write or type (with a few exceptions, surely), so we do it for them. We promote empathy, adoption, local rescues and shelters, and we encourage responsible dog ownership.

We’re devoted to an authentic voice.

We love humans almost as much as dogs, and we enjoy sharing what they have to say. We tell the dog’s story, and we tell the story of humanity. And we laugh. True, occasionally we will go ahead and make you cry (so we’ve been told), but our aim is to make you giggle at least three times in each issue … hopefully more. We strive to include a diverse group of contributors, who we can learn from, support, and laugh with.

We’re devoted to our community.

We work to help you feel connected. Jacksonville is a very large place and it’s easy to get lost, literally and figuratively. Our publishing efforts connect a dog community that’s ethical, supportive, and loving. We align ourselves with supportive businesses that mirror our values, so you can trust them. We don’t take just anyone’s money. One of the biggest compliments we’ve been given: “I can really tell you care about who advertises with you. That’s really rare.” It is rare, and we’re super proud of that. We don’t measure our success in sales figures alone. We feel success happens when we can uphold our core values, and also keep the lights on.

What we value

  1. Health (of our dogs, our families and our environment)
  2. Independence (mom-and-pop businesses, and artists)
  3. Authenticity
  4. Personal relationships
  5. Creativity
  6. Kindness
  7. Humor
  8. Lint rollers
  9. Happiness
  10. Real whip cream

Print and digital

We believe in the experience of print. Tactile, slow, beautiful page-turning moments are complimentary to the quick availability of digital. Each has its place and serves a purpose in our day.