Now you can subscribe to Unleash Jacksonville!

You’ll never have to leave your dogs again! \ Amy Olivieri

I can’t believe we’re publishing our nineteenth issue–SUNNY is at the printer as we speak. After every issue I look around and whisper … who did that … how did that get done? Should that be the last issue? Is it nap time now? 

No. Bring on TWENTY!

I figured after this many issues, it might be time to offer fancy-schmanzzzzy in-house delivery, like, subscription style. People ask where they can get Unleash all the time … they are FREE all over town. You just need to find them, scavenger-hunt style. Or, you can simply click here to find a location.

Better yet now you can SUBSCRIBE and we’ll get each glamorous new issue to you (but it won’t be free, you’ll pay dearly). It will be hand delivered by your adorable mail person. You’d been hoping to see them more, anyway, right?

We appreciate you knowing how to read and then choosing to read our humble publication. We are independent, original, and full of love for dogs (and you, you cutie patootey)!

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