PLAY • Discount Gift Certificates to Dog Friendly Places!

You like saving money, huh? Heckya! We do, too! Unleash Jacksonville is going to offer 30% off discounted gift cards for only the best Jacksonville dog-friendly locations. If you see one you “think” you may want, please jump on it! Quantities are limited and they’ll likely go fast. Sign up for our newsletter in order to be notified first when new certificates are available.

Use them for yourself or they make great gifts … they’re actual gift cards and not cheap-lookin’ printable pieces of paper. Check the shop often for new cards!

Right now we’re offering cards for Veterans United Craft Brewery! Veterans is a fantastic brewery where dogs are allowed INSIDE—great for these hot Florida summer days—and they always have something fun going on. See their events calendar here.

Grab a $25 gift card for $17.50 or
a $50 for $35 now and then go enjoy a beer with your dog!



This makes us want cats.

Ok, so this isn’t necessarily a dog item, but we couldn’t resist sharing this adorable cat bed … your big dog who thinks he’s a little dog could squeeze on in there, no? The “Fishie Cave” almost looks like a piece of art, sigh, so cute! It’s made with Himalayan wool and processed without any harsh chemicals, yay, and it contains Lanolin which is great for your pets’ fur and paws … double yay! This makes me so wish we had a cat, but we gave up having cats two years ago after an unfortunate incident.

We just found a code for 20% off the entire Zeitgeist gifts site, so you can get some of their other funky stuff.
Triple yay?
Use Code: 20MAR18

Let us know what you get in the comments!