Houndfest by the Sea

ho can resist a smile when watching hounds enjoying some quality beach time??

We will have adoptable hounds just waiting to meet you at our Houndfest by the Sea on August 24, 2019 from 11am-3pm!

Dog Days of Summer

The London Sanctuary presents the Dog Days of Summer!

Because hounds love to sun and celebrate summer, we had to have an event for them . . . BUT they really want you to come too! We will bring some very special hounds that are ready to be adopted!


November Hound Hug Fest

If you haven’t hugged a hound lately, or maybe a few hounds lately, or you want to meet some amazing hounds, COME JOIN US! We will have some very sweet adoptable hounds for you to meet!

Who Let the Hounds OUT?

WHO LET THE HOUNDS OUT? Want to come see some adoptable hounds who are looking for their new homes? Then come to our event and let yourself fall in love!

Dog Days of Baker

Some incredible cute and sweet hounds will be waiting for you to meet them on April 14! Please don’t disappoint them! They will be hoping to meet their new families!