FREE Back To School Events

It’s almost that time again!! Get your Furkid’s 1st day photo taken!! Photos are FREE but we will be taking donations for Friends of Jacksonville Animals, Inc.. 🐾🍎📚🎒🐶-We are also giving away a bag of pet food for the most dapperly dressed back to school pet!-FREE Back To School bandanas will also be available while supplies last.-While in-store we will have treats for furbabies & cookies for humans.Don’t miss the chance to give back to a local animal shelter and capture your Furkid’s Back To School grin!

BREAKING NEWS: Florida Dogs are Bravely Facing “Winter”

Sure, it has gotten down into the 30s a few days this winter, but for the most part, we have it preeeeetty good here compared to other places buried in snow. Many of us have dogs that don’t appreciate that Florida is a sweet place to live. We asked our readers to submit photos (via Facebook) of how their dogs cope with Florida winters. Photos also appeared in our Transformation issue!

My Bella said not to wake her till spring is here.
Our little rescue “Willow” keeping warm in a cool winter morning!
These three are forced to keep each other warm because mom refuses to turn on the heat!
Florida dog, Knox, on vacation in GA mountains!
Davi on vacay … what is this white stuff?
Vega likes to belly up to the bar at Green Turtle when it gets cold.
Ally likes to stick one foot out like a human!
Keep on keeping that head warm, Francesca!
Find Rocket in his blanket cave
Sir Walter brings his blanket with, just in case it gets gusty.
Solo likes to stay cozy!
Brody loves wearing his pajamas when it’s cold!
My Biggie is a typical Florida dog.
Dramatic when it’s cold!
Bruno … am I posh yet?
Bella says Florida dogs don’t know what they’re missing!

Submit a photo of your cool dog in a cool location for our next issue!

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