Plant Based Cooking Classes

Chernice 21 Day Kickstart will be guiding us on a journey of finding healthier and kindlier ways of eating. We will be exploring food options and sampling the tasting ways we can eliminate animals from our diets without hurting ourselves or crashing our systems. She will be giving us recipes and menus to take home while giving us the opportunity to cook and eat with her each Thursday night. She will help us understand that this will not be an overnight process and help our bodies ease into this transition. Chernice will give us the tools to be able to stay on this plan.

The first night is an introductory night with a fee of $25. If you choose to continue the class, the total cost including the first night will be $89. Each night you will take home menus, shopping lists and recipes. You will eat at least 3 courses each night, so come HUNGRY!