Pups and Sups Dog Surfing Contest

Join us for a fun day on the water surfing with your 4-legged friends to benefit K9s For Warriors. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY for your dog to enter to win! Prizes will be awarded for all divisions and the best dressed surfer dog.

$40 / PAW-ticipant. Registration is per dog, not people. You can have as many people attend as you like. Register here: www.pupsandsups.com

****Registration is limited to the first 40 Paw-ticipants, so make sure you pre-register for the event!

***Check-in Time:
8:30 am-9:00 am. All contestants must check-in at least 1 hour before their heat. Be ready with surf competitors in the waiting zone prior to your heat. Heats will not be delayed for late arrivals. Dog owners / handler teams of TWO and a dog (no entourages) will enter judging zone and meet the judges prior to entering the water dog handler and catcher and dog must wear the same color bandanna for visibility in the water.

Competition Start Time: 9:00 AM

Weight Divisions / Heats:
Large dogs (51 + lbs.)
Medium dogs (21 lbs. – 50 lbs.)
Small dogs (20 lbs. and under)

All SUP PAW-ticipants will compete with other dogs in the same weight division. They may be launched by their owners OR a handler if the wish. One finalist in each weight division will progress to the finals.

Water Support Teams:
To make sure the judges can see the action and score dogs accordingly, each PAW-ticipants will be allowed: Team of Two”‘ (1) handler/launcher and (1) assistant/catcher.

In addition, a volunteers will be available for catching dog’s closer to shore. Volunteer will meet you and your dog before each heat; owner/handler will debrief on how to handle the dogs and retrieve the surfboard and re-entry into the waves. Volunteers will assist in catching dogs as they come in, If no assistance is needed please kindly inform the staff. Any unsportsmanlike conduct will be grounds for immediate disqualification and/or If no assistance is needed please kindly inform the staff. Any unsportsmanlike conduct will be grounds for immediate disqualification and/or expulsion from event.

All dogs MUST wear a life vest while paddling and surfing. NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE. This is for the safety of all PAW-ticipants and their team. All dogs, handlers and designated catcher must wear contest-provided Bandanna so they are visible by judges. Colors are assigned for each comPAWtitor. Leashing dogs to the board is not allowed. Dogs should be under voice command, though leashes can be hooked on the lifejacket used to catch dogs from running once on-shore. No choke chains, prong/pinch or rope collars allowed while surfing. Training/slip collars used in the water will result in a 2pt deduction

Scoring/Judging Criteria:
We want this to be a learning and fun opportunity for the teams with no pressure. The judges will score on: the biggest wave, longest ride, best style laying down, sitting or standing, best wipe out, and biggest crowd pleaser. We hope to start something fun that you and your sur-fur can do together.

Who is K-9’s for Warriors?
This worthy cause raises, trains and provides service animals for returning military personnel with Post-traumatic Stress. From PTSD to brain injuries and more, these hard-working dogs are dedicated to helping our Military warriors return to civilian life with dignity and independence. Whether you participate in our competition, donate your time or money, or simply join us for a fun day on the beach, your support is greatly appreciated. Find out more at www.K9sforWarriors.org.