Danielle D’Amato – Sea Turtles

Danielle D’Amato studied Marine biology at Jacksonville University. She is a Biologist at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, a Marine Biologist at Amelia River Cruises & Charters, as well as a Wildlife Biologist and Director of Development and Outreach at The Ark Wildlife Care and Sanctuary.

Danielle D’Amato operates a Gopher Tortoise Rescue, “Sustaninable Care and Urgent Treatement for Every Shells (S.C.U.T.E.S). The goal of S.C.U.T.E.S. is to rehabilitate and release sick and injured Gopher Tortoises. S.C.U.T.E.S. operates under the umbrella of ARK Wildlife Rescue, and is licensed under the Florida Wildlife Commission. ​