URGENT ACTION NEEDED! Dogs Banned from Local Breweries.

URGENT + IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED \ Amy Olivieri \ Photo Courtesy of Hyperion Brewing

There aren’t too many places where you can take your dog inside, out of the elements, and socialize (both them and you). That’s what’s been so wonderful about all the fantastic breweries popping up in the last couple years. Jacksonville was starting to feel like a truly cool, dog-friendly city! Most of the breweries don’t serve food, so well-behaved, leashed dogs have been allowed to accompany their owners out of the heat/rain/cold —no more being relegated to the patio with the smokers. It’s HOT in Florida, and dogs like the AC, too. Dog-friendly breweries have also been an integral part in the rescue community, constantly hosting fundraising events and adoption events—and their owners have been amazingly supportive of the animal community by opening their doors to canines. But that seems to be changing, unless we use our voices. Are you in? Woof!

The Florida Health Dept. has now deemed beer as a “food,” and has banned dogs from coming inside breweries. Please sign the petition, instigated by our friends at Green Room Brewing, and call the health department at 904-253-1280 to respectfully voice your opinion.

This is an archaic law. Breweries all across the United States allow dogs. We need to keep Jacksonville on the right track in becoming a hip, cool, dog-friendly city—a place where people want to be… with their dogs!


2. Call 904-253-1280

One thought on “URGENT ACTION NEEDED! Dogs Banned from Local Breweries.

  1. Beer is one of the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drinks in the world, and the third most popular drink overall after water and tea. Wikipedia
    Not a food.

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