We miss you Polly Pocket!

Polly Pocket was a Pit Sisters rescue. She came with a menagerie of medical problems, mostly caused by heart worms. We adopted her and sadly lost her just seven months later on December 19th. She changed our whole world and words cannot describe the pain we still feel over loosing her. God Speed Polly, no more suffering….. xo

~ Jennifer Bristow


3 thoughts on “We miss you Polly Pocket!

  1. I met Polly Pocket when she was going through heartworm treatment. She really was one of those dogs that made you fall head over heels for her … those sweet eyes. I am SO SORRY to hear of her passing. Love to you, Jennifer and the whole Pit Sisters family who fought so hard with her. <3

  2. I am a Pit Sisters volunteer. I was introduced into the world of pits by Jennifer Bristow. I shadowed her and learned so much. When Polly Pocket came to us it was love at first sight. Polly was my first kiss from a Pit and I loved every slobbery second of it. I was so happy that Jennifer and Steve adopted her. She had found the most loving home ever. The loss of Polly still hangs heavy with everyone that knew her. What an incredible and amazing pit. Much love to the Bristows that gave her everything she ever needed and loved her with all of their hearts. Polly was able to live what time she had left knowing nothing but love and kindness and the warmth of an amazing home. We will all see you at the Rainbow Bridge Polly. Run pain free my little one.

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